We've tried to keep this as simple as possible.    Below you will find four packages.  A short film package, a feature film package, a documentary package and a VIP pass.  Traditionally at a live film festival you would buy a single ticket to see a feature or a single ticket to see a short film program consisting of 10 films for example.  These packages give you access to everything.  A short film pass gets you access to 70 shorts, a documentary pass gets you access to 14 documentaries and a feature pass gets you access to 6 features.  The VIP pass gets you  access to every single film online as well as access to a special Watch Party page for surprise screenings.

You can purchase a package any time you want.  But you will not be able to access the films until 10am Friday September 6th.  Each of the tabs at the top of this website page are locked until the day of the festival.   Your package will activate automatically on the day of the festival and is unique to you.  You can buy your package any time you like.  One thing to remember, you need to log in to this site when you're activating your package 

Upcoming Events
Underground Cinema Online Screening 8
Online Screening 8
Underground Cinema Film Festival Feature Film Program
Online Feature Film Program
Underground Cinema Film Festival Student Film Program
Online Student Short Film Program
Underground Cinema Film Festival Documentary Program
Online Documentary Program
Underground Cinema Film Festival Short Film Program
Online Short Film Program
Q&A With Jeremy Drysdale
Online Q&A
Q&A With Cathal Nally
Online Q&A
Q&A With Tim Hanan
Online Q&A With Tim Hanan
Online Q&A With Alan Morton and Conor Clancy
Online Q&A
Q&A With Shane O'Keefe and Louis Buggy
Online Q&A
Q&A With Moe Dunford
Online Q&A
Q&A With Len Collin
Online Q&A
Q&A With Brian O'Malley
Online Q&A
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